Pakistan’s first complete 3D View of Faisal Masjid placed in Decentraland Metaverse

The Faisal Masjid in metaverse just looks marvelous.

Technology has changed every part of our lives over the years and will keep doing so in the future. The World Wide Web (www, or the Web) has been one of the most important technologies of the twentieth century. It has changed the way people get information and communicate with each other.

Social media, considered a Web 2.0 invention, has helped move the internet forward by letting people add content to websites and share that content with their friends. Because of decentralisation and permissionless mechanisms, Web 3.0 is expected to give users more control over the content and production of their content. There are no middlemen between people in the Metaverse, which means they can talk and trade knowledge and value. In Decentraland, the infrastructure is spread out all over the world.

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Decentraland Metaverse is one of the first browser-based 3D virtual world systems that lets users buy virtual land with NFTs. It is run by a group called Decentralized Autonomous Organization. People who use the platform own and run it (DAO). It has a market value of about $4.5 billion right now, making it one of the most popular metaverse cryptocurrencies.

Mudassar Ali and Umair Mustafa worked together to make the first 3D image of Faisal Masjid in the Decentraland metaverse. There has never been a three-dimensional rendering of our famous mosque. This is the first time it has been done this way.

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These are two of Pakistan’s first-generation metaverse 3D artists. Umair and Mudassar want to make more models of this kind, which they believe haven’t been fully explored elsewhere.

Users will be able to buy replicas of these well-known structures from the NFT market, which they can then use in the Metaverse to make similar 3D landscapes. This will make the design even more useful.

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