Pakistan’s IT & Telecom ministry establishes a temporary Cloud Office

Under the Pakistan Cloud First Policy, the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications has announced the establishment of an Interim Cloud Office. The interim cloud office has been formed for a duration of six months, according to the MoITT statement. Syed Junaid Imam, Member IT, has been given extra responsibility for DG Cloud, while Muhammad Bilal Abbasi, Director IT, has been given additional responsibility for Director Cloud Adaption.

Muhammad Ayub, Director Legal, will serve as Director of Legal and Procurement, while Muhammad Jahanzeb Rahim, Director Telecom Wireless, will serve as Director Audits. Aalishan Akhtar, Senior Manager Infrastructure MoITT, has been promoted to Director Infrastructure and Operations. For the temporary structure, Mudasir Abbasi will serve as Joint Director Audits, while Muhammad Babar will serve as Joint Director Cloud Adaption.

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This temporary structure has been formed for a period of six months, according to the Ministry of IT and Telecommunications. A permanent cloud office will be formed in the ministry after six months. The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications has written to establish a division to provide permanent positions for cloud offices.

Following clearance from the establishment division, the employment procedure for the permanent cloud office will begin. The Ministry of IT and Telecommunication’s Cloud Office will be in charge of establishing a baseline, intermediate, enhanced, and maximum security ToRs in accordance with local and international standards.

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The Cloud First Policy directs the Cloud Office to establish security baselines for distinct cloud models authorized to host different data classes for Public Service Entities, based on local and international standards.

According to the PFCP, Cloud Service Providers and Public Service Entities must maintain the highest level of integrity in order to secure data and fulfill the office’s security criteria.

A breach occurs when one or more of the liabilities or duties are not met. Any data breach must be reported as soon as it is found in this temporary facility.

According to applicable laws, Cloud Office may request incident reports and establish suitable reaction actions.