PTA Bans SMS Marketing of illegal Housing Schemes in Lahore

According to the letter written by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s Director Numbering, mobile phone providers have been ordered to prohibit SMS services to unlawful housing societies in the Lahore District. As a result of the letter, mobile phone service providers have been asked to refrain from sending marketing SMS to these organisations.

In the letter, the PTA noted that marketing unlawful housing societies in both print and electronic media is strictly prohibited. Keeping with the decisions of the Honorable Lahore High Court, CMOs have been directed to prohibit SMS marketing of unlawful housing societies situated in the Lahore District. The Honorable Lahore High Court issued the orders. To comply with this requirement, the PTA has requested that mobile phone providers submit an implementation report on the topic by April 12.

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In addition to the letter, the PTA has included a list of 254 unlawful housing schemes and 173 under-process housing societies in the Lahore district, which can be seen on their website.

According to the Punjab Telecommunication Authority, CMOs should immediately ban the SMS marketing services of these unlawful societies. They should not allow any SMS marketing services to illegal housing schemes situated in the Lahore District in the future. The regulator has also asked the CMOs to refrain from providing SMS marketing services to societies that are still being formed or established.

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