Realme is rapidly growing its 5G-enabled smartphone network across the globe

As it continues to dominate the worldwide smartphone market, the 5G popularizer shows no sign of slowing down. For the first time, realme, the world’s youngest of the top six smartphone companies, has taken the top spot in terms of worldwide growth. A strong and consistent rise in 5G smartphone sales across 20 worldwide regions has helped realme cement its position as a market leader in the publicizing of 5G.

It is estimated that in the fourth quarter of 2021, shipments of realme’s 5G smartphones increased by 165 percent year-over-year, according to the latest research report. By expanding into Western Europe, realme has become the fastest-growing brand due to its many 5G-enabled smartphones as well as the GT series in each of these nations, where it is the fastest-growing brand.

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Major 5G brands are those with quarterly 5G shipments exceeding 5 million units in Q4 2021. Realme’s 5G devices have also continued to perform well in regions such as the Middle East, North Africa, and the Asia Pacific, which comprise the majority of the 20 global markets (including India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Morocco, Myanmar, and Singapore) in which realme’s 5G smartphone shipments rank among the top five.

In light of this, we are redoubling our efforts to achieve our goal of being the 5G democratizer. ” While realme is still a young tech company, its founder and CEO, Sky Li, has said that the company’s goal has always been to get young people throughout the globe excited about new technologies like 5G.

From Q1 2020 through Q1 2022, realme has dropped the ASP of its Number Series 5G devices from 270/- to less than $200, while also providing sophisticated 5G smartphone alternatives with the more expensive GT Series, so that more advanced consumers may choose a device that fully fulfills their demands.