Realme to introduce the world’s fastest smartphone charging in its upcoming phone

For the first time ever, realme took the stage at MWC to unveil details about their 2022 lineup. Apart from the introduction of realme GT 2 Pro, everyone is waiting for the unveiling of realme’s new UltraDart Charging Architecture technology. It is always known for radical steps to take technological risks.

The realme GT Neo 3 is the first phone to feature the world’s fastest 150W UltraDart Charge. With UltraDart Charging Architecture, the realme GT Neo 3 can charge from 0% to 100% in just five minutes.

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realme always understands charging is one of the main problems for the smartphone. So it has devoted resources to charging advancements over time. Fast charging innovations have had a long-term effect on customer usage and charging habits.

Previously, realme mobile phones used Dart Charge or SuperDart Charge technologies, which provide charging power between 18W and 65W. The phones were fully charged in less than 35 minutes.

But realme wasn’t satisfied with that and has continued to invest in providing the fastest and most efficient charging experience possible. This led to realme’s ultrafast 150W charging technology, which can charge 50% in just 5 minutes.

UDCA, or UltraDart Charging Architecture, is realme’s newest revolutionary technology. It can charge between 100W and 200W and improve charging speed, safety, and battery life.

UDCA gives the world’s fastest charging. UDCA’s Ultradart Charging uses Multi Boost Charge Pumps to boost the charging current, allowing for faster smartphone charging. Because speed alone is worthless and can harm your system, UDCA also excels in safety and battery life.

In order to ensure safety, UDCA keeps the smartphone’s temperature constant while charging. The UDCA’s Temperature Management Algorithm keeps the temperature below 43°C. As a result, users can spend hours playing games or watching HD videos without concern for their safety.