Russia Demands Google to Block ‘False’ Ads About Ukraine War

One different thing between Russian and Ukraine conflicts in the past and the current Russian invasion of Ukraine is the role of the internet. It is playing an essential role in shaping this war. Facebook, Apple, and Google are supporting players in this world crisis. Google Maps researchers in California observe Russians mobilizing military vehicles crossing the border into Ukraine, and the major tech companies shutting down product sales and limiting the use of their services. Russian demands Google to monitor Youtube videos which are false advertisements according to Russian nation claim.

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Russia insists Youtube stop displaying false political information regarding Ukraine. Russia is trying to control the narrative that comes from the country Roskomnadzor surrounding invasion. According to Wall Street Journal’s report. According to the petition, YouTube distributes films that amount to an extended commercial campaign focused on “misinforming the Russian population.” The agency claims the movies play a role in anti-Russia rallies and disinformation campaigns.

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Roskomnadzor says it finds the use of YouTube in the “information war” against Russia “unacceptable” in a Russian-language statement posted on its VK profile. However, it falls short of threatening to shut down YouTube completely. Russia also demands Google to restore access to its fake news sources RT and Sputnik’s YouTube feeds in Europe, which have been disabled after the invasion but for the time being, all it can do is protest.

According to the WSJ, Google has not responded to the demand, although it is doubtful that the corporation would comply. After all, no significant social media or internet site can afford to continue operating as usual, given the public’s reaction to watching daily images of the disaster in Ukraine