Samsung brings the most demanding features for internet browser

If an Android user accidentally or not so accidentally deletes some of his photos from his phone, or worse, resets his entire phone.

Samsung’s Internet browser improves with each release, despite the fact that it lacks several key capabilities. It was revealed earlier this month that Samsung is testing a few features with the beta version of the browser, but there was no way of knowing when they would be released to the public.

The update offers one of the most requested improvements, according to an MSPU reader: the option to reposition the URL bar at the bottom of the screen.

The UI interface is strikingly similar to that of Safari on iOS 15, but the key point is that the feature is present, and Samsung customers can utilize it. However, this isn’t the only change in the most recent version.

The official changelog also shows a few additional key enhancements that improve the usability and security of Samsung’s internet browser. The Smart Anti-Tracking function, for example, has been improved to prevent tracking by employing tiny pixel pictures. The same can be said for the URL bar’s search experience, which now offers search recommendations as you type in search terms.

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If you have a Samsung phone, you should be able to get the current version via the Galaxy Store, but the app is also available on Google Play.