Samsung phones to become a lot more affordable in Pakistan

People in Pakistan know that Samsung’s Galaxy S21 FE smartphone, the first to be made in Pakistan, has been making a big difference all over the country. For a South Korean phone company that had tried to get into the local market for a long time, it has finally worked out for them! If you’re in India, you can get the Samsung Galaxy S21 for the same price as it does in the rest of the world: $700. (Rs. 126,568).

There is still a difference of about Rs 12,000, but this is a lot better than the Galaxy S21, a top-of-the-line phone. In India, the vanilla S21 still costs around Rs 176,500, much more than the $800 launch price in other countries (Rs 144,649). In India, the vanilla S21 still costs around Rs 176,500, which is more than the $800 launch price in other countries (Rs 144,649). 

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Even though the global price has recently dropped to $500–$600, the same can’t be considered for Pakistan. The cost there is still far more than the global average. iPhones have a considerably high price disparity in our nation. However, as Pakistan’s manufacturing sector grows, the prices are expected to go up more and more.

“Manufacturing” might be misleading in this context. On the boxes for the phones, they say “manufactured in Pakistan.” But the phones are only put together in Pakistan. All of Samsung’s key factories and specialized facilities are not in Pakistan, so the company cannot create all smartphone components there. It is necessary to import specialized equipment from other countries, and then the assembling process is done in Pakistan. For this, we may thank Kia Lucky Motors Co., a subsidiary of Lucky Motors Corporation.

High-tech components need more labor and research than low-tech ones. As a consequence of this operation, prices will decrease even more. So far, the reception to Pakistani-made smartphones has been encouraging. The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE and Redmi 10 garnered overwhelmingly positive ratings from reviewers across the board. Infinix and Realme’s newer devices have received no complaints. Only a tiny percentage of customers had this issue, but it is unavoidable, even with phones built in other nations.