Samsung to hold its Unpacked 2 event just after Apple and Google next week

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 could be based on this concept, but it's far too early to tell. Based on the patent, here's a peek at the design and features.

Samsung has recently sent out invitations to an online event scheduled for October 20th at 7 a.m. PT/10 a.m. ET. It’s named “Galaxy Unpacked Part 2,” which could mean that instead of all-new Galaxy phones, we’ll be seeing revisions on existing models.

With Samsung’s announcement, we’ll now have an Apple event on Monday (where new MacBook Pros are expected), Google’s Pixel 6 launch on Tuesday, and Samsung’s ostensibly smaller event on Wednesday.

In addition to the graphic on the invitation, Samsung’s announcement of the event in its newsroom teases some form of personalization for Galaxy devices:

“Our users are multifaceted and live life in so many colorful, interesting, and unique ways. As such, the technology they use every day should reflect their individuality. Join Galaxy Unpacked Part 2 on October 20 to see how Samsung is opening up new experiences for self-expression through technology.”

That could mean anything, however, it appears to allude to new shades of the Galaxy phones or perhaps an all-out customization choice. I could envision constructing a Z Flip 3 with my selection of tones on each side of the overlap, for instance, and the secret picture might allude to simply that. With the Z Fold 2, Samsung offered clients the choice to pick their own emphasize shading for the pivot, however that choice disappeared on the Z Fold 3 (up to this point, at any rate).

No customization program has approached the first Moto X, which let individuals picked quite a few distinctive shading choices and even materials for their phone — including bamboo. It appears to be improbable that Samsung will want to go that far.

What appears to be significantly more impossible is the Unpacked Galaxy S21 FE, a cheaper “fan version” of the Galaxy S21 that has been kicking around the gossip plant for some time now. It’s doubtful predominantly because the S21 FE is as of now in a sort of limbo where it’s either been deferred or dropped as a result of the chip deficiency. Sammobile reports that Samsung is as yet considering a January dispatch for the S21 FE.

Notwithstanding what Samsung declares on Wednesday the twentieth, it will struggle to stand out enough to be noticed after all the Sturm (Apple) and Drang (Google) the past two days. However, maybe picking Wednesday is Samsung’s essential endeavor to wrest some interest away from the Pixel 6.

Talking about it being a bustling week, we additionally have The Verge’s long-term occasion approached The Verge on Friday and Saturday. In case you’re in New York City, tickets are accessible at a rebate with the code $99NOW here. This leaves Thursday the 21st open for another tech organization to report something. Has anyone heard from OnePlus of late?