Sony reveals the Black Pulse 3D Headset

Sony has recently revealed before the audience it’s an all-black PULSE 3D Wireless headset for PS5. It was formerly introduced in two-tone white and black color and later the other option was introduced in the name of “Midnight Black”. 

The new option will be released on 22nd October 2021 while it is available for pre-booking at their official PlayStation website.

Now, both options of the headset can be paired with the already provided options of the controllers which is also the color theme of the PS5 console, Black and White.

Physical Feature

The physical features of the PULSE 3D Wireless Headset include a sleek body in black color which pairs with the black controller and compliments the PS5 console. It comes with a headband strap and redefined plush ear pads for comfort.

Advanced Audio System

The PULSE 3D wireless headset is fine-tuned with PS5 consoles and with its dual noise-canceling feature gives you the experience of a surround sound system.

You can even customize the audio settings through the PS5 menu which you can create and save as well.

Dual Microphone

There are more features of this headset which include the two built-in microphones that give your voice even more clarity with its noise-canceling technology. This feature makes the gaming experience of people playing with partners a whole new dimension with its easy access controls to set up their command.

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The PULSE 3D Wireless Headset comes with two different accessories where one is a wireless adaptor which gives you 12 hours of wireless play. Through this adaptor, the headset can be connected to PS5, PS4, compatible windows, and macOS.

The other accessory is a 3.5mm jack audio cable that comes with the headset which can be connected by plugging it in the PlayStation VR or even a mobile phone.

Gamer’s Paradise

When using the PULSE 3D Wireless Headset, it will give you the feeling of a gamer’s paradise where you get everything you desire in a gaming atmosphere. The sound effects of the headset that are either preset or customized by yourself give you the vibe of being in the game itself. The specialized audio and microphone allow you to chat with the other person without any disturbance or glitch and its smart controls make your access very easy to control the overall volume of the headset whether you have to mute, play it on the master volume, or just want the game sounds. 

This headset is an adventure in itself with comfort and a whole ambiance that it creates for the users.