Spider-Man: No Way Home – Top 10 Questions we all want Answers for

A multiverse-bending adventure like Spider-Man: No Way Home was certain to raise a few eyebrows as to how and why past and present screen superheroes and supervillains were brought together.

Spoilers Ahead

And while, as we noted in our Spider-Man: No Way Home review, the film did a good job of juggling most of its many convoluted story threads, we were still left with some large questions that had us asking “WTF?”…

You’re not alone if you’ve wondered why no one has mentioned a specific universe’s Uncle Ben or how the ongoing logistics of certain of the movie’s narrative devices work.

1. Villain geography

Were the villains brought back to the situations where they would have died (and events would have played out differently) when they were sent back to their respective universes? Or did they return to where the Peter Parkers left off (years after their deaths) and have to restart their previous lives?

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2. $$$

How does MCU work? How is Peter going to make money if no one knows he exists? Is it possible that he’s selling Spider-Man prints?

3. Magic do’s and don’ts

Would Peter damage the forgetting spell by telling anyone he used to know about their history after the spell was cast?

4. Into the Venom-Verse

Is there a Marvel Cinematic Universe Eddie Brock?

5. B. F. P.

Where is MCU Uncle Ben buried? In Captain America: Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming, he’s mentioned, and in Far From Home, Peter has luggage with his initials on it, but Aunt May’s grave isn’t mentioned.

6. Shailene Woodley’s Mary Jane

Is Mary Jane, played by Shailene Woodley, a character in Andrew Garfield Peter’s universe? Her parts in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 were removed, but it would be lovely if they met offscreen.

7. Let there be more carnage

So there’s no way we’ll see Spider-Man take on Venom? Is the symbiote forgetting about Spider-Man, or will it remember him once it links to the hivemind?

8. Flash Thompson, author

Will Flash Thompson’s book about being Peter Parker’s pal suddenly be considered a work of fiction?

9. All hail Wong

Why does Wong need to mend conflicts like in Shang-Chi now that he is the Sorcerer Supreme?

10. More Matt, please

Is Matt Murdock making a comeback? If Daredevil, aka the blind vigilante, appears in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel chief Kevin Feige revealed Charlie Cox would play him. He’s finally arrived. Give us something to make up for the Netflix Daredevil TV series being canceled! (And it’s not just for the impending She-Hulk Disney Plus series.)