The OSOM OV1 is coming in new colors with a ‘Summer 2022’ launch

OSOM, the smartphone business that arose from the ashes of Essential, recently used LinkedIn to promote its next phone. The company has shown four vibrant hues in which the OV1 might be available, but nothing is clear yet. Müller, OSOM’s co-founder and chief marketing officer, has also promised a “Summer 2022” launch.

A poll was conducted by LinkedIn for four possible color combinations for the future phone three weeks ago. From our conversation with OSOM CEO Jason Keats last year, we saw the phone in both black and white. Four additional colors have been chosen by the vote, Solar Yellow, Borealis Green, Twilight Blue, and Dusk Purple.

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And, unlike the majority of today’s drab smartphone hues, these are a little brighter and more fun. It’s far too soon to say whether the OV1 will come in any of these hues. “We can’t promise this SKU will make it to market but know that there’s a possibility,” Muller added in a follow-up post announcing Borealis Green the poll’s winner. With Solar Yellow glaring me down and Borealis Green conjuring up solid Essential Ocean Depths vibes, I’m hoping OSOM chooses some fun colors – hardly any flagship smartphone manufacturers do these days.

“Summer 2022 is right around the corner!” OSOM reportedly said the phone would launch “at or around MWC,” but Muller says that maybe it will be delayed.

OSOM OV1 in Borealis Green on the left. On a PH-1, the ocean depths are on the right.

Check out our exclusive interview with OSOM from last year for more details. Finally, we have a bonus image of what appears to be an OSOM OV1 with its back removed, revealing what looks to be a wireless charging coil, hinting that the phone may support wireless charging.