These are the first games to support Android 12 Game Mode API

Gaming is one of the areas where the Android 12 upgrade has seen the biggest improvement. This version has been so focused on gaming that Google even devoted a showcase to new gaming capabilities for Android 12 at the Google for Games Developer Summit. Aside from “play as you download,” a feature that allows you to get into a game faster by downloading huge files in the background, Android 12 includes the Game Dashboard.

The Game Dashboard gives you easy access to a few essential features, as well as widgets for broadcasting to YouTube Live, displaying accomplishments from Google Play Games, and altering the performance profile. Until recently, changing the performance was not feasible to change the performance profile for any game. That was due to the game’s customization to add support for Android 12’s Game Mode API. Now, however, the first games to support said APIs are going to kick off.

We discovered earlier today that several games now use the Game Mode API. We discovered this since it is now able to alter the performance profile from the game dashboard on Android 12. We may switch from “Standard,” which utilizes the game’s default settings, to “Performance” or “Battery Saver.” Choosing “Performance” is supposed to increase the frame rate to improve gameplay fluidity, whereas selecting “Battery Saver” is supposed to decrease the frame rate to improve battery life. When you change the performance profile, the game must be restarted for the new settings to take effect.

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We’ve seen performance profile settings open up for Minecraft, Sniper 3D, and Temple Run 2, but there are logical other games out there that have added support for the Game Mode API. Heavy hitters like Genshin Impact, PUBG Mobile, and Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated have yet to add support for the Game Mode API.

At the point when Google first announced the game dashboard feature, they said it won’t be available in Android 12 beta releases. It’s easy to enable the feature, though, by going to Settings > Notifications > Do Not Disturb > Schedules and hitting the pinion icon for the “Gaming” schedule. This gives you access to “Game Settings”, where you can toggle the Game Dashboard shortcut to appear in games as well as choose whether Do Not Disturb mode should be enabled in-game.

Google also said the game dashboard will only be available on “select devices” running Android 12, but we don’t know whether phones from other OEMs will support the feature.

Everything being equal, when we tried changing the performance profile in Sniper 3D, it seemed as if nothing had really changed in-game. The FPS was capped at 60 in both “Performance” and “Battery Saver” modes, and the game’s graphics preset was unchanged. It’s possible that the feature isn’t actually working yet, or that it changes settings I couldn’t notice, so I’ll have to play around with it more.