These Samsung Galaxy A models won’t receive any new firmware update

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Samsung – the largest smartphone maker in the world is also known for providing support to its way older Galaxy devices as well.

For several of its smartphones, Samsung provides extensive firmware update support. However, there will come a moment when the company will have to shut down. It’s no longer practical to maintain issuing upgrades for a product that’s been on the market for several years.

For Samsung Galaxy A devices, we haven’t yet reached that point, but the writing is on the wall. All of them have been moved from a quarterly to a biannual updating schedule. This means that in the future, the devices will only receive two firmware updates per year.

This operation is carried out on all Samsung smartphones and tablets. Every month, the latest flagships, particularly flagships, receive an update. The vast majority receive one every three months. The biannual cycle is the final stage before a device’s software support is discontinued permanently.

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For the past week, Samsung has begun distributing the November 2021 security patch. The business has now released a thorough list of what this latest security maintenance release includes. It has also revised the list of devices that are eligible for purchase.

Previously, the Galaxy A20s, Galaxy A30s, Galaxy A50s, and Galaxy A70s were updated on a quarterly basis. Every quarter, Samsung would release a security patch for these devices. They’ve already gotten the most recent big Android OS update. They wouldn’t get any new features regardless.

All of these devices have now been confined to a biennial upgrade schedule by Samsung. From now on, they will receive two updates every year. This is most certainly the last year that these devices will receive security updates. There will be no further Samsung firmware upgrades for them after then.