This could be a 5G phone you may afford to purchase early

The organizations pushing for the extension of 5G might remain to make transient monetary additions.

Well, Vivo may have made it possible to afford a 5g phone earlier than you thought — even for developing markets.

It is always interesting to see what will come on the market and how the customers react after using that product. Keeping this in mind, the V23 5G from Vivo takes a similar path. Its color-changing design grabbed a lot of attention after its launch.

The design itself is a reason for further progress in smartphone research. Making smartphones that are both technologically and visually outstanding is a step forward. The V23 5G has a high-resolution 50MP AF Portrait Selfie camera on the front. With this phone, you can take a selfie like never before. 

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The new ISOCELL 3.0 technology helps the camera capture clearer images by increasing light sensitivity. Also, the Eye Autofocus feature lets people keep their eyes on the subject even when they are moving while taking pictures.

The 8MP Super Wide-Angle Camera on the dual front-facing cameras gives you a much wider field of view. It has features like AI Extreme Night Portrait, it has the best front camera in this price range and the best in this class. 

For taking pictures of wide-open landscapes, the phone’s 64-megapixel back camera with 8-megapixel wide-angle and 2-megapixel macro lenses is the best choice for this. Ultra Stabilisation and Super Night Mode make it easier for people to use the camera. The Colour Changing Fluorite AG Design is due to extensive research by Vivo.

When this material is exposed to UV radiation for 30 seconds in the sun, it turns a different shade of blue.

When the phone is out of the sun, the color returns. The body of the device combines a metal flat frame design with a color-changing fluorite AG design. It has an outstanding MediaTek Dimensity 920 CPU. It enhances the user experience and you can finally afford to buy.

The 90Hz refresh rate, Liquid Cooling System, and Ultra Game Mode provide extraordinarily smooth gaming. The 4200mAh battery allows you an uninterrupted experience and performance.

The price of this phone in Pakistan is around PKR 80,000/-.