This German company seems inspired as Facebook stole its logo for Meta

Looks like the logo of Meta is not original enough.

M-sense Migräne, a German company, has also pounced on Meta’s logo and privacy policy, claiming that the two companies’ logos are extremely similar.

Since Mark Zuckerberg renamed Facebook to Meta, the internet has been the place to be, with memes and comments popping up on a regular basis. At the Facebook Connect event on October 29, the corporation officially unveiled its new name.

Apart from celebrities and OTT platforms mocking Facebook’s redesign, M-sense Migräne, a German firm, has also joined the fray, mocking Meta’s logo and privacy policy. Both companies’ logos are extremely similar, which has sparked a Twitter meme frenzy.

M-sense Migräne wrote on Twitter:

The last element of the dig was at Facebook’s most infamous failings, as it has been accused of failing to secure user data privacy in a number of cases, in a post on Twitter with the logos in two colors. The migraine-curing app’s celebration didn’t end there; it sent out another tweet, this time slyly marketing its app and offering to heal Zuckerberg if the rebranding gave him a headache. “We’ve heard that Mr. Zuckerberg is suffering from a migraine as a result of the rebranding to @Meta – we can help! Simply get our app and install it “Read the tweet for more information.

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Needless to say, the German company’s witty jibes drew some amusing responses from the Twitterati, who went all out after Meta. Here are a few of the best.

M-sense Migräne, a digital treatment platform launched in 2016, is undoubtedly milking the ongoing kerfuffle over Facebook’s rebranding to Meta. Twitter users are also having more fun mocking Zuckerberg’s brand, which recently generated a massive issue after a former Facebook employee, Frances Haugen, blew the whistle on the company.