Three more engineers left Apple’s electric car division ‘Project Titan’

Although the Apple Car has yet to be officially launched, rumors about it continue to circulate on the internet. According to Bloomberg, Apple has lost three more engineers from its electric car project, who have just departed the business to work for startups.

Apple is still struggling with its electric car division and now this news affirms more catastrophe. Eric Rogers, the head of engineering for the car’s radar system, is one of the engineers who has departed the Apple Car team. Rogers recently joined Joby Aviation Inc., a flying taxi business. Another Apple engineer who worked on the Apple Car’s batteries, Alex Clarabut, has left the company to work for Joby Aviation Inc.

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Along with Rogers and Clarabut, another Apple developer who previously worked on the Apple Car project, Stephen Spiteri, is joining the same flying-taxi business. Despite Apple’s efforts to construct its own self-driving car, the company’s engineers have been befuddled by the project’s obstacles, according to Bloomberg.

The departure demonstrates the difficulties Apple has when it enters a new industry. A self-driving car may offer a significant new sales opportunity for the tech giant — one of its famous “next big things” — but engineers have struggled for years to perfect the technology. And the seven-year-old initiative has seen a lot of turnover and strategic adjustments, as well as competitors snatching its top people.

This isn’t the first time that many Apple Car employees have departed the company. The Apple Car team lost several key managers in June, however, the business is said to be “actively recruiting” new employees. Michael Schwekutsch, who left Tesla in 2019 to join Apple, has lately joined Archer.

Apple’s electric automobile, code-named “Project Titan,” is supposed to include a completely automated driving system, but particular facts about the vehicle, such as its size and weight, are unknown.

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