TikTok to launch new screentime management tool to boost digital wellbeing

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TikTok is preparing to launch two new practical tools as a part of its digital wellbeing mission to make it easier for its growing community of users to manage the time they spend on the entertainment platform. The new tools will enable users to have regular screen time breaks, allowing them to remain in full control of their TikTok experience.

Moreover, TikTok will also introduce weekly digital well-being prompts for younger users. When users aged between 13 and 17 spend more than 100 minutes on the app in a single day, he or they will get a reminder from TikTok about using the screen time limit tool the next time they open the app.

A new screen time dashboard will give TikTok’s creative community data on how much time they are spending on the platform, including summaries on daily usage and the number of times they opened the app. Meanwhile, users can also opt for weekly notifications to review their dashboard and monitor the time spent in a single sitting. These prompts will remind TikTok users to take a break after a certain amount of uninterrupted screen time, which they can set as per their choice and convenience.

In addition, TikTok is delivering digital experiences that bring joy, entertainment, and enrichment to its community. Part of this includes ensuring that the community has a positive relationship with their devices and allowing them to be more in control of their experiences. These new features are in line with TikTok’s goal to promote a safe and positive experience for all its users. The platform is equipped to offer the best possible viewing choices for the TikTok community.

The platform hopes to encourage its community to think about their digital habits by rolling out the new screen time management tools. Accordingly, TikTok will publish a new guide, titled “How can I reflect on my digital well-being with my family and friends?” on the platform’s Safety Centre.

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The new features will be launched in the coming weeks and will be available in ‘Privacy and Settings’, under the section Digital Wellbeing.