Top 3 Ways to make sure You Get Paid as a Freelancer

Working as a freelancer has both pros & cons. Where you do not have to report to any superior and work with your own time flexibility, there also come problems when you have to be paid. 

If you are not connected to the right person or do not have a documented contract, you might come to face a lot of issues like getting underpaid, delay in payments, or not even getting paid at all. While working for a desk job in a company provides stability in terms of a pre-decided monthly check, it does not erase the fact that freelancers also need to pay their bills and their necessities to be met.

In order to make sure you get paid properly; we have figured out some ways of which upon following you can be sure of getting paid by your client.

1. Working With The Right Client

The first and foremost thing to look out for in order to get paid right and just, is that you select the right client to work with. 

When a client approaches you should conduct an interview and if you find the person reliable your work is not done here yet. You should look for reviews online from people who have worked for the client before and if you see even a slight problem with it you should refrain from getting involved with them.

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Another background check requires the website of the client to be checked thoroughly if there is one. The website gives you an overall view of the nature of the work and the client you will be dealing with.

After taking all of this into consideration then only you should decide which client is genuine and reliable to work with.

2. Documentation

Documentation is a necessary step of working for anyone. A fully binding contract should be made after an agreement from both parties. 

Before starting a project, the time frame of work, the time frame of payment, rate and mode of payment, everything about it should be decided beforehand. Once decided it should all be documented. You can even send the invoice of payment and the due date while submitting your work.

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3. Billing

When billing the client, know your worth and how many hours you are putting in for the project daily. Billing up front is also a way to secure the job and a mutual agreement creates trust between both parties. While some freelancers ask for a 100 percent payment upfront, it is a general practice among a lot of freelancers to take a 30 percent down payment. Make your rates flexible, mode of payment easy, proper invoicing through certain software which is time efficient and even reminding the client for the payment, all these things make sure you get paid right.