Top 5 Freelance websites every freelancer should work on

The start of the year 2020, brought with it the COVID-19 and thus the pandemic which led many great businesses to change their approach towards work. The idea of work-from-home polished the skills of the people and with it, freelance work became more common than ever. 

When looking for freelance work as an employer or employee there are certain established platforms where one can look. These platforms help both employers as well as employees to bid for their work and with a mutual understanding, they come to an agreement in terms of the work, time, and PayScale. 

There are many websites which feature freelance work but some have appeared to be better than the others which includes

1. Fiverr

It is a website that provides business in more than 400 categories. The pricing on Fiverr is always project-based and it is good for beginners.

Fiverr hosts millions of users thus the competition is high and the bidding plays a vital role to get the job.

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Where it is a great platform in many ways there are some cons to it as well which includes higher service fee and extended period for payout.

2. Upwork

This website caters to jobs on a vast variety of topics. The work you get here can be hourly or project-based. You have to build a profile in order to get the job that the client surveys when you bid for it and it takes some time and hard work to build a reputable profile.

Upwork has a sliding service rate starting from 20% for $500 or less. It provides opportunities for all levels of freelancers.

3. Toptal

This website deals with the most talented top 3% freelancers around the world. The screening process of this website is highly extensive and only people who are highly qualified with above-average skill sets get through to it. 

Toptal freelancers also get to work for the top clients and companies throughout the world.

4. Freelancer

It is a website with a variety of ongoing jobs. The best thing about this platform is the 24/7 customer service. It also hosts contests for freelancers to get extra credit through. 

Freelancer takes a 10% service fee from your projects as well as contest winnings.

5. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour, as the name suggests provides hour-based jobs as well as project-based. The profile build here is first recruited and if it passes the criteria, is given the chance to work through this website.

This platform also has a sliding service fee policy starting from 20% of the total income.

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