Top 5 Google Gboard Shortcuts you must know

Google Gboard is an application designed by Google for smartphone and tablet users to allow them to type faster with more efficiency...

Google Gboard is an application designed by Google for smartphone and tablet users to allow them to type faster with more efficiency and effectiveness. Listed below are the top five Google Gboard shortcuts, which are widely used by Android and iOS users:

1. Translating Text:

One of the most helpful features of Gboard is that it allows its user to translate whatever text he is typing. In this way, he can easily communicate with people who speak different languages. All the user must do is click on the right arrow on the recommendation tab above the keyboard and select the Google Translate option and further select the desired language in which he wants his text translated.

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2. Typing with One Hand:

Google Gboard has another unique feature that allows the user to single-handedly type in his text. To activate this option, the user needs to tap and hold the Enter key which will open the entire system of this shortcut and then downsize the keyboard to a size that will be easier to access single-handedly by the user.

3. Floating Keyboard:

Another magical feature of this application is that it allows the user to turn his keyboard into a mini floating version of itself, which he can move around in any direction he prefers. All the user needs to do is activate the Floating Keyboard option from the recommendation tab above the keyboard. Then the keyboard will be outlined on all sides, allowing the user to shrink the size of the keyboard, which will be then transformed into a floating keyboard.

4. Punctuation Station:

On Google Gboard, the user can also have easy access to all the punctuation marks he needs to type in his text. He would need to activate the Long Press for Symbols option from the recommendation tab and the Popup on Keypress option as well. There are some other punctuation marks like slash (/) which are not accessible through this procedure. To access them, the user would need to click and hold the Period key and then swipe his finger a little towards the left side. This motion would open up the remaining punctuation marks to the user.

4. Smooth Path to Settings:

If the user needs to go to the Settings section of Google Gboard, he can easily do so with the help of this Gboard shortcut, which allows him to directly go to the Gboard Settings without going through the conventional path. All the user has to do is press and hold the Comma key on the keyboard and swipe his finger in the upward direction, and he will be transported to the Gboard Settings easily.