Top 5 Online Course Sites to learn Tech Skills for Free

Top 5 Online Course Sites to learn Tech Skills for Free

Education must be less expensive at least if not free. But it’s getting expensive day by day formally in schools and universities. However, there are a lot of free courses to brush on your tech skills that require just an internet connection and a PC. The following five online education suppliers offer free programs and courses in almost any technical area. It’s an extraordinary method to dunk your toe into another point with restricted responsibility. However, you can also keep steady over creating patterns and technologies in your industry.

Regardless of whether you’re keen on adjusting the course of your vocation, attempting to reinforce your resume, or simply hoping to keep steady over technology drifts, any of these 5 education courses can help you a lot with little to no expenditure.

1.Microsoft Learn

Microsoft offers a few learning ways and programs that cover different Microsoft software and applications. Learning ways contain a few modules that are pertinent to the course theme and certificates are more engaged. It requires a couple of tests to procure the accreditation. Independent courses and tests are free through Microsoft, however, on the off chance that you need to take a teacher drove course you can do as such through Microsoft Certified Trainers. In any case, it’s anything but ensured that the affirmed trainers will offer courses for nothing, so that is an interesting point in the event that you need altogether free tech skill courses.

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2. Google Skillshop

It’s nothing unexpected that numerous organizations are utilizing Google as a stage to run, scale, and promote their organizations. With a mission to “organize the world’s data and make it generally open and valuable,” it’s no big surprise it has figured out how to transform a move one can really make.

In light of its convenience in the digital showcasing world, it merits looking at their free Google Skillshop focus to learn more about utilizing their foundation. Here are the classes that they cover:

  1. Google Ads
  2. Google Marketing Platform
  3. Analytics Academy
  4. Google My Business
  5. YouTube
  6. Google Ad Manager
  7. Google Cloud
  8. Waze Academy
  9. Google AdMob
  10. Authorized Buyers
  11. Google for Education
  12. Android Enterprise Academy

Google Skillshop is a free learning place with extensive and inside and out exercises. In case you’re hoping to push ahead with Google Ads or utilize the Google stage in any capacity to showcase your business and tech skills, Skillshop is certainly worth perusing.


For UI and UX architects or web designers, you might need to look to Skillshare in case you’re attempting to support your tech skills. The site offers free courses in UI and UX configuration just as web advancement — and it likewise offers courses in business investigation, which might be valuable for those working with information. Skillshare offers virtual classes that incorporate video exercises, project outlines, formats to work with, and different assets for clients. You can likewise look over a $15 each month membership or you can pay $99 for the year, dropping the month-to-month cost to $8. The superior membership offers more highlights, for example, educator support, no notices, disconnected admittance to download class materials, and limitless admittance to every single accessible course.


Codeacademy offers free coding classes in 12 programming languages, including Python, Ruby, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, React.js, AngularJS, HTML, Sass, and CSS. The courses guarantee to give involved insight and constant input from peers. In the event that you like the courses, you can pursue a Codeacadmy Pro record for $19.99 each month, which will give you more admittance to active tasks, tests, and counsels. Something else, the essential courses are completely offered for nothing — so in case you’re a self-roused laborer, they may be sufficient to get you skilled in coding and other tech skills.


Udemy is focused on proficient grown-ups who need to fit education into their bustling plans for getting work done. A few courses on Udemy are free, while some are accessible at a charge — it will rely upon the course and educator. Nonetheless, even paid courses will not burn through every last dollar, as generally go at a bargain for as low as possible $9.99, so you can normally track down a decent arrangement if there’s a course you need to take that isn’t free.