Toyota gives the first glimpse of its upcoming electric pickup

Toyota unveiled 15 electric vehicle concepts during a Tokyo conference, ranging from luxury Lexuses to sports cars and utilitarian vehicles. One of them was a pickup, which could be the first look at the electric truck Toyota announced in April. The company spoke about its lofty intentions for battery-powered automobiles at an event in Japan. Toyota Motor Corporation’s worldwide president, Akio Toyoda, stated that by 2030, the company expects to offer 30 BEV vehicles across all segments under the Toyota and Lexus brands, with more on the way.

Toyota wants to sell 3.5 million electric cars per year by that time and to do so, the corporation will invest nearly $70 billion in electrified vehicles globally.

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Toyota backed up its promises by displaying a room full of electric and hybrid prototype cars. An electric pickup truck, unceremoniously pushed into a corner, is arguably the most interesting, as seen by Electrek. The top automobile company hasn’t revealed many specifics about this vehicle, but it appears to be a direct competitor to Rivian’s R1T and Ford’s impending F150 Lightning, and given Toyota’s track record of producing excellent pickups, it may be a compelling vehicle.

When it comes to when we may anticipate this car to join the market, it is unlikely to happen very soon. Despite its early supremacy in hybrid vehicles, Toyota presently only has one electric vehicle on the market for pre-order: the Toyota bZ4X, a futuristic SUV due out next year. According to a recent source, the business reportedly intends to debut a cheap electric vehicle in China in late 2022.

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An adorable compact cruiser and a gigantic bZ SUV are two more intriguing ideas of the company on display at the exhibition.