Twitter Communities now available for Android Users

How to Build a Community on Twitter

Twitter’s Communities feature, which competes with Facebook Groups and Reddit, is now available to Android users all across the world. Since its inception in September, Twitter Communities has only been available on iOS and the web, which meant that Android users could only join and engage in communities through a browser, rather than the main Twitter app.

Android users may now simply join, request to join and participate in Twitter Communities, bringing the feature to a far wider audience. Twitter Communities function similarly to a private group or a subreddit. Users can choose to tweet directly to a Twitter community, which will not appear in their personal feed or among their followers.

For those who want to start their own private community, Twitter Communities is still an invite-only service. Owners of groups can decide whether or not people must be invited to join a community or if they are open to anyone.

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If you want to try out Twitter Communities, Twitter is promoting the Roblox, Xbox Community, Tech Twitter, Fashion, R&B Twitter, and Formula 1 communities, all of which are open to the public.

Twitter is also looking into a “request to join” option for communities so that groups can keep a closer eye on who joins. Along with this new feature, Twitter plans to test a ranked timeline that will display the top tweets from a community, as well as ways for mods to highlight information in the community and methods for mods or members to do Q&As.