Twitter finalizes MoPub sale as Apple policies affect ad industry

In October 2021, Twitter announced that it would sell its mobile advertising network MoPub to AppLovin, a gaming and marketing software business, for $1.05 billion. At a time when Apple’s privacy regulations are having an impact on the advertising sector, Facebook announced on Monday that the sale of MoPub has been finalized.

Twitter bought MoPub in 2013 to improve its ad platform, but it has now opted to sell it in order to focus on other projects. According to Twitter revenue product manager Bruce Falck, the social network will continue to invest in improving its own advertising platform.

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In 2020, MoPub brought in $188 million in income for Twitter, which isn’t terrible. The mobile advertising sector, on the other hand, is in a bit of a pickle right now, as Apple continues to promote privacy laws to prevent its users from being followed across the internet.

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Twitter acknowledged in 2020 that the privacy improvements introduced with iOS 14 would have a “minimal impact” on company business. According to a recent projection, Twitter, Facebook, and Snap will lose roughly $10 billion as a result of Apple’s new privacy restrictions.

By March 2022, the transfer from the MoPub platform to AppLovin should be complete.

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