Twitter fixes video upload issues for Android users

Video uploading and processing problems on Android are being fixed by Twitter, a popular microblogging network, which is working to solve the problems.

When it comes to Twitter apps and platforms, Android users typically get the short end of the stick.

New features and functions are often added to the iOS version first, but these new features and functions are more stable than those on the Android version.

There are a lot of Android users on Twitter who can’t post videos.

Many Android users have problems uploading videos, such as slow uploads, long processing times, etc. 720p video processing has also been fixed for phones with Android 9 Pie and later.

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This initial upgrade should now allow much more quickly processed 720p movies with a bitrate of 3.5Mbps or less to be processed.

However, the company hasn’t said anything about better codec compatibility, but the platform is trying to make it easier to submit videos to Twitter for Android. 720p video processing should get better right away if people post a lot of material to social networking sites.

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An even more privacy-friendly version is also in the works, though.

Besides this, Twitter is also making its website more private by using the Tor onion service to make tweeting more secure for its users.

When Alec Muffett saw this new development, he called it “perhaps the most important and long-awaited tweet that I’ve ever made.” Free open-source software is used to browse Twitter’s new service without giving out your real name or email address.

To keep its services from being found by search engines, search engines don’t list them, and the domain names are very long and hard to read.

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