Twitter now allows all users to record Spaces

Last year, Twitter revealed that users would be able to record a Spaces session and share it with others or listen to it again later. While this option was previously only available to a selected number of users, Twitter is now making it open to all users.

All Spaces hosts will now see the “Record Space” button in the Twitter app for iOS and Android, according to the Twitter Support account. When you hit there, Twitter will record the entire discussion for anyone who wants to listen to it again later. This way, even people who couldn’t make it to a live Spaces session may now listen in on the conversation.

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Keep in mind that recorded Spaces are only available for a limited time. The talks can be accessible for 30 days after they have been published, according to Twitter. The recorded Spaces are permanently destroyed after this time period. Users who want to erase a recorded Spaces session before the 30-day period is out can do so.

For the time being, this option will not be available on the web, as you can only join Spaces as a listener through the Twitter website.

The firm has just started testing certain improvements to its iOS app, including a new search bar on the Home tab and the ability to repost someone’s tweet with a video clip.

Make sure you have the most recent version of the Twitter app loaded on your smartphone if you want to use the most up-to-date features.

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