Twitter users may soon have to pay for TweetDeck features

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The Twitter Blue membership service has been in development for quite some time and was launched in 2021. With the support of Twitter Labs, Twitter Blue now offers early access to new features. During the launch of the premium service, it didn’t say that using TweetDeck as part of the service would cost extra money.

Before, the company was discussing how to keep bookmarks organised and read threads without a lot of clutter. It also offered ad-free news from many different sources. All four countries mentioned currently have access to this product: USA/Canada/Australia/New Zealand.

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People in these nations used to prefer applications since the functionality was free and ad-free, so they didn’t have to use Twitter’s online interface. In the last few days, it has been found that TweetDeck will be available for a fee through Twitter Blue.

It seems that Twitter intends to make TweetDeck a paid product under the Twitter Blue program soon. Many users who have not yet subscribed to the subscription service will be locked out as a result of this move. 

The firm had asked customers whether they wanted to pay a monthly fee for TweetDeck’s more sophisticated version back in 2017, but they haven’t charged them yet, and the product is still in the testing phase.

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The business has not yet said whether or not it would include the cost of TweetDeck in the membership charge. See how the future of technology will take form in the next months and years.