US reports a global record of more than 1 million Covid cases per day

On Monday, more than a million people in the United States were diagnosed with Covid-19, as an omicron tsunami engulfed every area of daily life in the United States.

The highly mutated variety pushed the number of cases in the United States to an all-time high, far outnumbering any other country. The figure reached on Monday is nearly double the previous high of around 590,000 established just four days earlier in the United States, which was a doubling from the previous week.

It’s also more than twice the number of cases observed everywhere else since the outbreak began over two years ago. On May 7, 2021, during India’s delta surge, over 414,000 persons were diagnosed, which was the greatest amount outside of the United States.

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The staggering figures in the United States emerge as many Americans rely on self-administered exams with results that aren’t reported to government officials. As a result, the record is very certainly exaggerated.

While the rising number of cases hasn’t yet resulted in serious infections or an increase in mortality, their impact has been felt across the country as the newly infected isolate at home. Flights have been canceled, schools and offices have been closed, hospitals have been overburdened, and supply networks have been constricted.

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Authorities are considering revising some of the mechanisms put in place to guide the country through the latest phase of the outbreak as a result of the rise. While the CDC has reduced the period of isolation for asymptomatic patients who test positive for Covid-19 to five days, authorities said the agency may add that they should wait for a negative test result before going out again.

Companies are also delaying their return-to-work plans, with Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and JPMorgan Chase & Co. taking a more cautious approach and urging employees to work from home again in the new year.

The silver lining is that Covid-related deaths haven’t risen as dramatically. According to preliminary research, the omicron variety spreads quicker than earlier strains while causing milder symptoms.

The picture for 2022 is dependent on whether the mortality toll rises in the weeks ahead as more instances are reported, or if evidence that the omicron wave will be less severe holds up when more real-world data becomes available.