Watch out for your Privacy Settings on WhatsApp, Facebook outage had an impact on it

After a global outage on Facebook-owned apps late Monday, WhatsApp privacy settings were reverted to default values.

Although Facebook has stated that no data was lost as a result of the service suspension, WhatsApp users may need to check their privacy settings, as they were reset to default after the app was restored.

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This implies that any WhatsApp groups you’re a part of are now accessible to “Everyone.” Follow these simple steps to personalize your privacy settings:

1. Go to the Settings menu.

2. Choose an account.

3. Pick your level of privacy.

4. Go to the Groups tab.

5. Change the setting to My Contacts from Everyone.

For an hour, Facebook-owned apps were unavailable in March 2021 as well.

For Android beta users, WhatsApp is developing a new unique ‘privacy setting’. In the privacy settings, it plans to include a new “My contacts except” option, which will allow users to designate last seen for certain contacts.

This feature has already begun to be tested for iOS users by the messaging service. This suggests that the corporation may release the feature simultaneously for iOS and Android. The ability to hide a contact’s ‘last seen’ is a much-needed feature because there are instances when you don’t want to show everyone when you were last online on WhatsApp.