What the heck is this WhatsApp Flash call?

WhatsApp flash call is a new safety feature that was released in India as an add-on to the SMS verification option when signing up for WhatsApp. WhatsApp’s flash call function ensures that the user’s experience is safe. When customers sign up for WhatsApp on their phones, this feature allows them to verify their phone number by an automated call rather than an SMS.

Furthermore, the WhatsApp flash calls function is only available to Android users, according to WAbetainfo. Following are the few queries with their answers which are concerned with this feature of WhatsApp:

What is flash call verification?

The WhatsApp flash calls verification mechanism has made the registration procedure easier for users. Instead of sending the user an SMS with a code, WhatsApp will initiate an automated call to the user, which will be instantly terminated once the app recognizes the call.

Is there a WhatsApp flash call app for iOS?

The flash call function is currently only available for Android users.

Is it possible to pay for a flash call?

WhatsApp’s authentication procedure uses flash calls, which are not charged.

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What methods does WhatsApp use to verify phone numbers?

WhatsApp provides users a 6-digit code verification code when they register for the service. Furthermore, users can now receive an automated call after enrolling on WhatsApp using the WhatsApp flash function.

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