WhatsApp can vanish your Chat Group out of existence

Well, you thought WhatsApp can’t remove your chat groups or their chat group history. Isn’t this funny?

According to an article on WABetainfo.com, the instant messaging platform has the ability to remove chat groups in certain cases.

“Because WhatsApp cannot view their content due to end-to-end encryption of messages, media, and calls, the moderation team use advanced machine learning technology based on previously recorded negative group information,” according to a post on WABetainfo.com.

When a chat group contains questionable information (illegal group names and descriptions) or is reported many times by different users, WhatsApp immediately terminates the group.

In the first situation, the group can be terminated manually or automatically.

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Participants will no longer be able to send messages to the group or view its chat history once it has ended. They will also be unable to access the group information or view the list of other participants.

However, if WhatsApp deletes your favourite group, everything is not lost. The software allows users to contact customer service within the ended group and request that it be restored.

“Note that WhatsApp may prohibit group admins from accessing the service,” WABetainfo said.

“It’s critical to be cautious about what groups you join: if you find a questionable group, report and leave it immediately,” the WABetainfo.com post adds.

“Be sure to pick the ‘My contacts except…’ option when it comes to who can add you to groups.”

Other security measures available through WhatsApp, particularly if you are an admin, include limiting who can edit the group’s title and description by selecting the “Only Admins” option from the group’s settings.