WhatsApp is experimenting with file transfer of up to 2GB

In WhatsApp’s history, file sharing, data transmission speed, file quality, and file size have all been hot concerns. The corporation is currently experimenting with new ways to provide comfort to its customers. It was testing message responses and other features a few days ago in order to allow consumers to enjoy their voice message recording experience.

However, all of these capabilities are only available to a select group of beta testers. Before releasing the new upgrades to the general public, the business intends to address the flaws. WhatsApp is experimenting with sharing files up to 2 GB this time, but only with Beta users.

The new update is compatible with iOS versions,, and, as well as Android versions,, and The new upgrade will be capable of transferring data up to 2 GB, as opposed to the old one’s capability of only 100 MB.

At the moment, rivals are offering smaller file transfers. Twitter allows you to send up to 1 GB of data, but Gmail only allows you to send up to 25MB of data. Other programs have file sizes that are even less than this. As a result, if successful, WhatsApp will be one of the most popular apps for transferring data of this magnitude.

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Large mobile businesses such as Samsung provide users with high-megapixel cameras that create large-sized photographs that are difficult to compress or alter when shared with pals via messaging applications. These people often request that the file size be increased. It appears that WhatsApp will get a larger user base for data transfer as a result of this move.

Users are anxiously anticipating the release of this update on their mobile devices and on the web. This will address the concerns of many users who have difficulty distributing large files to customers and friends. This launch will undoubtedly attract new users who will switch applications in order to benefit from huge file transfer capabilities.