WhatsApp is working on Poll feature for Group Chats

WhatsApp group chats will soon launch this poll feature to let people choose discussion topics of their interests.

The best thing about WhatsApp is that it always adds new features to make the experience more comfortable for users. People haven’t been bored by any other company we’ve worked with so far.

As long as the company is the leader in the messaging world, we don’t need to change platforms. The company can now poll group chats. To start with, groups are the only ones who can use this feature because it is still under development.

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Groups can use this new poll feature to discuss topics important to them. Users on iOS will get the update first, and then Android users will get it, too, soon. Because it’s still under development, the feature is only available to a small group of people. After further testing, this will be available for everyone.

Polls enable you to pose a question and have others vote on the appropriate response. To my mind, it will function similarly to the Instagram poll feature that we currently use in status updates. The purpose of creating this functionality for groups is that polls will end up losing their appeal in personal chats, as it makes no logical sense to generate a poll in a conversation with only two participants.

 Users of your WhatsApp group will be allowed to enter a voting question if you have enabled this feature. Apart from that, there is no data given about this feature, which will be released to the public once it is usable. Whatsapp has updated itself in these couple of months. Recently it has enabled background voice messages to play on its web version to ease its user.