Whatsapp might increase Voice Notes’ playback speed controls

WhatsApp introduced the option to modify the playing speed of voice messages in May of this year. You may increase the playback speed to 1.5x or 2x, which is useful when running through long voice notes. WhatsApp is now working on making the same functionality available for audio communications.

You might be wondering what audio messages are. A voice note becomes an audio message when it is forwarded to another conversation. Because the relevant button does not appear, it is currently not feasible to speed up the playback of an audio message. WhatsApp is working on providing playing speed functionality to audio messages, so this might change soon. The functionality was spotted by WABetaInfo in the newest beta version of WhatsApp on iPhone. It’ll only be a matter of time until WhatsApp begins testing this feature in a future Android beta version.

Despite the fact that this is a simple addition to an existing tool, WhatsApp is known for taking its time beta testing new features, so it may be some time before playback speed settings are added to audio messages on your Android phone. It would also be wonderful to see WhatsApp include a feature that allows users to slow down the playing speed, which may be useful for folks who have difficulty hearing.

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WhatsApp is also working on a number of additional features, like the option to conceal your ‘Last seen’ status from particular contacts, a revamped contact detail page, Communities inside groups, and even P2P payment functionality in the United States.