WhatsApp removes Messenger Room Shortcut

In order to make communication easier between those people who are physically apart from each other, the application developers introduced people to chat platforms like Messenger and WhatsApp.

In the Messenger application, people can easily communicate with each other with the help of a video chat option, in which more than 50 people can join a single chat room and have unlimited conversations.

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A year ago, another reliable communication platform WhatsApp introduced a new feature in the form of a shortcut in its application, allowing its users to directly go to the Messenger application and be able to either initiate or join a video chat room. This shortcut was developed and introduced to WhatsApp users to enhance their chatting experience with their friends, family members, and colleagues.

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However, after a certain period, the WhatsApp developers realized that the WhatsApp users are not making use of this shortcut as much as was expected. Later on, WhatsApp concluded that this feature is not useful for its users and recently it was removed from the application for every Whatsapp user.

Now there is no short route for the WhatsApp users to go to the Messenger Room to be able to enjoy the video chat feature of Messenger. In the place of this shortcut, WhatsApp is currently working to introduce other two features which will allow its users to convert voice notes into texts, and images into stickers.