WhatsApp to get 5 new long-awaited features

WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook, is said to be working on some new features that will be released in the future. Some of the features, according to WABeta Info, are quite intriguing.

Here’s a quick rundown of five new WhatsApp features coming soon:

Voice Note Update

The messaging service is developing a “global voice message player” that will allow users to listen to voice messages even when they are not in a chat. The latest version, according to WabetaInfo, will pin voice messages to the top of the main app even after users have played the audio message and left the chat.

Additionally, the messaging platform is working on the ability to pause and resume a voice communication without having to record another message or send the one you need to interrupt. By clicking on the red indicator, the user can start and stop recording the voice message.

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Privacy settings have been updated

The new privacy options, according to WabetaInfo, will let you decide who may see your Last Seen status, Profile Picture, and About section.

You can pick between “Everyone,” “My Contacts,” “My Contacts Except,” and “Nobody” in the settings. Under these areas, WhatsApp currently offers three privacy choices.

Message Reaction Notification

We already know that WhatsApp is working on Message Reactions, which are similar to those seen on Facebook and Twitter and allow you to respond to a message with an emoji, sticker, or GIF.

The instant messaging service is now working on a feature that will notify users when someone responds to their message. Individual and group conversations will both be able to use the reactions function. If you don’t want to see reaction alerts, you may disable them in the Notification Settings option.

Backup Feature

The company is also said to be working on a new feature that will allow customers to adjust their chat backup size and remove specific items from their cloud backups, such as documents and photographs. The capability could be confined to Android devices, and it could work with Google Drive backups.

Chat bubbles have been redesigned

On the iOS platform, WhatsApp has published version for its beta users. Users can now see updated chat bubbles as part of the upgrade. In comparison to the former conversation bubble, the beta users will now experience rounded, larger, and more colourful chat bubbles.