WhatsApp Web gets 3 new long-awaited features

The WhatsApp Web is getting revamped.

The web version of WhatsApp has been updated with three new features. Users may now edit photographs and see links on the web version of the app, according to the business. A new sticker recommendation feature is also being added.

When users type a message, they will now see sticker suggestions, which will help them pick the ideal sticker for their chats. When someone uses a sticker during a conversation, they usually have to travel through several tabs to get the proper one, which interrupts the flow. Sometimes it’s difficult to locate the sticker. This issue will be resolved with the latest release.

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According to a company statement; “We built this feature with privacy in mind, so rest assured that WhatsApp can’t see your searches, and your personal messages are always protected by end-to-end encryption.”

WhatsApp has now added a media editor to the web version of the platform as well. If you wanted to alter an image, you could only do it on the app’s mobile version until now. WhatsApp is now changing this, and the media editor is now available on the web version as well. As a result, one can now edit photographs on their computer as well.

The way individuals may see previews of links on WhatsApp has also been improved. When sending a link via WhatsApp online, users will now be able to see a full preview of the link. People who get the link will have a lot more information about what was delivered and what they are about to see or read on the messaging app’s web version.