Here’s Why You Should Treat Your Business as a Living, Breathing Organism

If it’s related to business, then it means it is all about working on machines and earning profits, that is what we are used to hearing right? Whenever people refer to starting a business or share any detail about their thriving organizations, all they can focus on is the mechanistic aspect of their business. What people do not realize is that the true and real secret of success for any business out there lies in having a mindset that allows people to treat their organizations and enterprises as living, and breathing organisms, and not as machines. Many successful businessmen and thriving entrepreneurs have suggested this approach, that a business should be viewed as an entity having significant aspects resembling human nature. It should be taken as seriously as one would take another breathing organism.

Due to the sudden arrival of the Industrial Revolution in the year 1760, all businesses were strictly viewed as money-making machines. This revolution played a notable role in making people of the mindset that organizations and the businesses they run can only be considered as running machines. The Industrial Revolution was the starting point that brought out this corporate mentality in people. Even though in the early era, this tactic used to work for many organizations, however, with the passage of time and with the arrival of Covid-19, organizations have changed their approach and tactics, and have started to view their companies as more than just machines. This strategy has helped many businesses in reaping the benefits they worked so hard to earn.

If it’s business-related, then it means it is all about working on machines and earning profits, that is what we are used to hearing right?

Despite the requirement of top-notch and expensive machinery to carry out the organizational tasks, one can see that the organizations are structured into different departments which, in turn, are made up of people with opinions, thoughts, feelings, and preferences. Hence, the business which is run by such people should always be treated as if it is a person or any other living, and breathing organism.

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