World’s Largest Cut Diamond, The Enigma, Came From Space and Sold for Crypto

Like any investment, cryptocurrency accompanies risks and expected prizes. Contrasted with customary sorts of investments, cryptocurrency is especially risky.

In one of Sotheby’s most recent deals, space, high-end jewelry, and digital money all came together. After going on exhibit in Dubai, the Enigma, a big black diamond whose origin is related to outer space, possibly from a meteoric collision or a supernova explosion, was put up for sale.

The Enigma is a carbonado, a unique black natural diamond that weighs 555.55 carats and has 55 facets. It can’t be used for jewelry in the same way that “normal” diamonds can, but that doesn’t mean it’s useless. In reality, as the most recent auction shows, it’s rather costly.

The Enigma sold for £3,161,000 at the time of the auction, or $4,292,322 at today’s currency rate, according to Sotheby’s. “The buyer has elected to utilize cryptocurrencies for the purchase,” the auction house added. This wasn’t the first time Sotheby’s accepted cryptocurrency as payment, but it was the first time it did so for a Dubai-based auction.

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The Enigma, it turns out, is not only paid for with crypto, but it is also “the face” of crypto. Richard Heart, the creator of crypto firm Hex, has announced himself on social media as the new owner. He claims to have purchased the diamond for “our HEXican cultural legacy,” but he doesn’t specify.

He also mentions a “reason” for the purchase, although none of this has been addressed as of press time.

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According to Heart, the Enigma, the black diamond with so many firsts, will now be known as the diamond. The transaction itself was not world-record-breaking, but when you have a diamond as precious as this one, past sales records may help you sell it effectively.