Xiaomi 12 series is likely going to include a special screen feature

The Xiaomi 12 and its siblings are expected to be interesting and popular phones, but they may all include a feature that isn’t as well-liked.

Every phone in the Xiaomi 12 series will have a curved screen, according to leaker Digital Chat Station’s tweet on Weibo (a Chinese social media platform). This is a slight departure from the Xiaomi Mi 11 series, which featured a flat display on the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite.

Even so, considering that both the normal Mi 11 and the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra have curved screens, it’s not surprising, but it’s a move that won’t appeal to everyone, as curved screens are more subject to damage and accidental presses.

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Furthermore, according to the same source, the Xiaomi 12 series will have a symmetrical speaker configuration, which means that the top and bottom speakers will be on the same side (or possibly both central). In contrast to the Xiaomi Mi 11 series, when they were on opposing sides, they are now on the same side.

According to MyDrivers, the Xiaomi 12X will be revealed in December with the normal phone. This is a phone that has previously leaked but was expected to arrive a little later because its predecessor – the Xiaomi Mi 11X – was introduced after the rest of the Mi 11 lineup.

According to leaked specifications, the Xiaomi 12X will include a Snapdragon 870 processor, a 6.28-inch 1080 x 2400 AMOLED screen with a 120Hz refresh rate, and a 50MP primary camera, putting it somewhere between the ordinary Xiaomi 12 and the Xiaomi 12 Lite (if one exists).

All of these assertions should be taken with a grain of salt, but with December approaching, we should know for sure shortly.

While Xiaomi may embrace curved screens more than ever in 2022, other manufacturers may be on the verge of doing away with them.

Except for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, which has a display that scarcely curves, Samsung may employ flat displays for all Galaxy S22 variants. Given that Samsung was formerly the greatest proponent of curved panels, it’s a remarkable reversal.

So if you want curved displays, you may soon be limited in your choices, but if the reports are true, Xiaomi should have you covered for the time being.