Xiaomi unveils new Concept Micro LED Smart Glasses

Xiaomi has recently made an announcement to launch smart glasses, named Xiaomi Smart Glasses, which seems to be a very useful and innovative product of this company as it has provided all the necessary smartphone features and capabilities to the people in the form of glasses.

Xiaomi has used advanced technology, optical waveguide, which will help the wearers in having clear access to the images in the form of navigation arrows and messages displaying on the lens of the smart glasses. The company opted for 0.13-inch monochrome Micro LED as a better alternative for increasing the quality and powering the visuals of the glasses as opposed to using OLED which is comparatively less costly but also less when it comes to the quality of the display visuals. Xiaomi Smart Glasses have incorporated the Micro LED technology because Micro LED has a better pixel quality and has a much longer duration as compared to other technologies.

Another important advantage and feature of these smart glasses are that the wearer does not need to rely on his smartphone to enjoy the features of Xiaomi Smart Glasses. These glasses are independent of the wearer’s smartphone and its internet connection. Xiaomi is making sure that the wearers would not come across any obstacles by making the glasses completely independent and also compatible with the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. They are also incorporated with a five-megapixel camera and a quad-core ARM processor.

Even though the idea of these glasses incorporated with the necessary qualities of the smartphone excites people, but at the same time, the realization that these smart glasses are only limited to exhibiting the basic smartphone qualities dampens the excitement of the people. These glasses only have four features for the wearers, which include calling, viewing text messages, navigating, and capturing images. These are the only four features the glasses are capable of presenting to the wearer. However, Xiaomi is still doing a great job as compared to its competitors, such as Facebook’s Ray-Ban glasses, and Amazon’s Echo Frames which only has audio as their key feature and do not have AR capabilities, unlike Xiaomi Smart Glasses.