You will be locked out of your account if you don’t enable ‘Facebook Protect’ in few days

Basically, the social media giant is forcing you to enable ‘Facebook Protect’ by hook or crook.

In the past few years, a large number of people were found to be facing serious privacy issues on Facebook, from then on the Facebook owners have been working on improving the security aspect of this application to keep the privacy of its users safe and intact.

Recently, Facebook has launched a new security feature, which is displayed on the user’s screen with a statement saying that the user only has fifteen days to enable this feature and avail the protection of this new security program before he gets locked out of his account.

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Interestingly, Facebook will not unlock the user’s account until he avails of this security program’s protection by turning on the Facebook protect option. After clicking on the tab “Turn on Facebook Protect”, which would be visible to the user upon opening the app, the user would be guided through the entire brief process to protect his account.

By enabling this feature, Facebook will help these accounts adopt stronger account security protections, such as two-factor authentication. It will also help in monitoring potential hacking threats in better ways.

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Facebook’s latest security and protection program is said to be more effective and advanced in terms of providing its users with strong protection against hack attempts. This program uses a strong and powerful range of protections which makes this program different and better from any previous security measures taken by Facebook.