YouTube adds easy video controls on iOS & Android

YouTube has begun rolling out an updated mobile interface with easy access to Like buttons and other settings. On Android and iOS, you used to have to exit landscape mode to view the thumbs up and down buttons, the ability to share the video, and the option of adding it to your playlist when watching full-screen videos. It was a pain to have to limit what you were watching in order to see the controls. However,  you can now simply tap on the screen to bring up all of those controls at the bottom of the full-screen video. What you’re viewing isn’t going to stop either.

The updated options at the bottom also make it simple to get to the comments area. There’s no need to go back to portrait mode and scroll down; simply touch the comments button, and the section will appear alongside the video in landscape format. You can also keep watching while browsing through the comments left by viewers.

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According to Google spokesperson Allison Toh, the new UI is coming to both iOS and Android and will begin rolling out on Monday. So far, it doesn’t appear that everyone has received the new design, but it has been reported by a few people.