YouTube expands its $100 Million Shorts Fund to more countries including Pakistan

YouTube introduced its own support for short video creators a few months ago. The list at the time featured 30 countries from around the world. However, a new list of 70 nations has been announced, under which YouTube would provide a $100 million fund to aid the creators in these countries. Pakistan has now been added to the list of 70 nations. In addition, shorts analytics tools have been included. YouTube stated in May that it would put aside $100 million for YouTube users generating short videos in the years 2021 and 2020.

The major goal is to decrease the influence of Tiktok, which is the most popular short video app and is rapidly growing in popularity. The proprietors of YouTube are also concerned as a result of this. The payments were described as a “short bonus” by the corporation in a statement. However, there are a few criteria and requirements for this investment that has yet to be revealed. It is likely to be announced soon, though.

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Obviously, the primary goal of these incentives is to attract a younger audience to Youtube Shorts, which is why the YouTube Shorts Bonus was announced. In addition, YouTube introduced a new Shorts feature in its latest Creator Insider video, which would notify creators when 15-second portions of their videos are repurposed for other creators’ Shorts. YouTube, on the other hand, is introducing a new tab on artists’ channel homepage that allows them to view all of their shorts in grid mode for smartphone users.